Our Strategic Plan

An articulation of the major projects that NCCL committees and related entities will embark on in the months leading up to Summer 2018.

Members of the NCCL will achieve competence as leaders in the United States.

Evangelization and Discipleship

Gives priority to a framework of mature discipleship that incorporates broad methodologies and demographics with special priority on the formation of adults.

Professional Development

Provides opportunities for Ministry Leaders to develop the talents, skills, and abilities that God has bestowed upon them.

Ways We Strategize

Membership Development

Acquires new and retains existing members and develops research-based models for continued growth.

Product Development

Focuses on the prioritization, development, and marketing of well-designed products to meet the training needs of catechetical ministers.

“Activity for 2016-2018 identifies a major way that members, by engaging in committees, help advance the work of our organization.”NCCL Board of Directors


Adult Faith Formation Articles
Include AFF articles in each publication of Catechetical Leader magazine, including AFF methodologies and practices. Follow-up webinars may be offered for select articles to encourage in-depth analysis and conversation. (E2.2)

Adult Faith Formation Web Presence
With the Executive Director and utilizing access to the current NCCL website, maintain a web/social media presence and develop future web/social media activities. Monitor the AFF forum and resources and ensure that events and activities of the AFF committee are regularly updated. (E2.2)

Evangelization Resources

  • Provide effective practices to foster evangelization of parents.
  • Provide evangelization workshops at the NCCL annual conference and other communication platforms.
  • Provide resources and opportunities to “reawaken the faith.” (E2.1)
Adult Faith Formation Quarterly Webinars
Plan and execute a schedule of AFF-related webinars. Ensure that recordings of all webinars are properly archived on the NCCL website and shared with members. (E2.2)

Sadlier Partnership Webinar Series For Catechetical Leaders
Providing a series of webinars to train parish catechetical leaders in the area of Catechesis.

Lay Ecclesial Ministry Certification

Renew efforts to promote participation in and provide human and financial resource support for the LEM Certification program.

Annual Conference Membership Meeting

  • Provide leadership training opportunities at the annual conference for various tiers of NCCL membership (E2.4)
  • Develop forums to engage in an Annual Leadership Institute in which participants will be trained to develop potential NCCL representation and engage in Leadership Discernment Committee elections.
  • Provide time for NCCL committees and federations to meet for the purpose of advancing the strategic plan.
    Provide bid opportunities for corporate members to consult with NCCL members for project development.

Catechetical Leader Magazine Survey and Distribution

Develop metrics to assist in the continual improvement of CL Magazine and to include perceived value, desired content, relevance, production costs, and methods for delivery.

Evangelization Director Outreach

Provide sessions at the NCCL annual conference to attract evangelization directors. (E2. 2.1,2)

Membership Analysis for Growth

Compare categories and demographics of NCCL membership to national data on those engaged in catechetical ministry, share data with membership at-large, and use data to facilitate more effective outreach to prospective members throughout particular United States regions and ethnic groups with historically low membership. (E2.5,2.5.1)

Membership Outreach Project Piloted

Provide targeted outreach to catechetical leaders in a particular area to assess and test models for recruiting and engaging members. (E2.5)

Emeritus Member Rate

Establish a membership rate for Emeritus members, based upon a feasibility study. (E2.5, 2.5.1,2)

The Effective DRE Series

As a joint publishing venture of NCCL and Loyola Press, update the content for the newly entitled series The Effective Catechetical Leader. (E.2.3.1, 2)


Catechetical Sunday Resources

Develop Catechetical Sunday resources to complement the USCCB theme. (E2.3.3)


Branding NCCL’s Editorial Voice

Identify and develop partnership to brand the NCCL editorial voice in non-NCCL venues. (E2.5; 2.7)


Product Partnerships: (E2.3.2,3)

  • In collaboration with RCL Benziger, renew promotion efforts and support the updating of Echoes of Faith resources.
  • Identify and establish a timeline for the prudent advancement of future projects with other corporate members.



Always pursuing our Ends Policies, the NCCL Board of Directors exercises its stewardship role within the organization by guiding the Executive Director to work with Committee Chairs as well, in addition to other key leaders, in advancing efforts focused in several important areas.


Loyola Press Effective Catechetical Leader Contract
Historical Catechesis Project Researched For Sadlier Webinar Series
Echoes of Faith Work Groups Formed With RCL Benziger
Catechetical Leader Magazine Survey Drafted
Annual Conference Committee Planning
Collaboration with Corporate Members regarding Annual Conference
Launch Online Registration for Annual Conference
Evangelization resources researched and surveys created
Emeritus Member Rate Explored
Regional Target For Membership Planning – RFP For Annual Conference To Include Introduction of NCCL Prior To Conference
Adult Faith Formation and Evangelization Articles Provided For Catechetical Leader Magazine
Editorial Articles Provided to USCCB and CATECHIST Magazine
Leadership Institute Partnership With USCCB
PAC Partnership With NCEA, NFCYM, and USCCB
Strong Catholic Families Parternship Launch Amoris Laetitia Webinar Series

Webinar Partnerships Launched – Sadlier Catechetical Series, Adult Faith Formation, Evangelization, and Editorial Articles
Two Issues of Catechetical Leader Magazine Explored With New Methodologies
Survey for Catechetical Leader Magazine Provided To Members
Annual Conference Provides Membership Assemblies and New Interactions With Corporate Members
Echoes of Faith Focus Groups and Membership Discussion with RCL Benziger
Launch of Two New Books For The Effective Catechetical Leader Series with Loyola Press
Catechetical Sunday Videos Recorded
Editorial Assessment Discussion With Members Regarding Catechetical Leader Magazine
Designing New Marketing Materials For Promotion of Lay Ecclesial Ministry Certification
Emeritus Member Rate Launched and Measured
Membership Survey Regarding Demographics/Realities
Leadership Institute Partnership With USCCB
PAC Partnership With NCEA, NFCYM, and USCCB
Strong Catholic Families Parternship – Amoris Laetitia Webinar Series

Effective Catechetical Leadership Series with Loyola Press Partnership Launches Four Books
Echoes of Faith with RCL Benziger Task Force Assessment of NCCL Membership Responses
Catechetical Sunday Videos and Pin Launched
Leadership Institute Partnership with USCCB
Participation in the USCCB Convocation
Editorial Committee Analyzes Survey and Determines Direction for Catechetical Leader Magazine
Revision and Expansion of Editorial Team For Implementing New Initiatives
Webinars Continue To Launch -Adult Faith Formation and Evangelization
Alliance Gathers – Lay Ecclesial Ministry Certification Evaluated And Submitted For Renewal to the USCCB
Lay Ecclesial Ministry Training and Marketing Launched
Membership Regional Outreach Project Piloted
Annual Conference Evaluations Assessed For 2018 Vision
PAC Partnership with NCEA, NFCYM and USCCB
Assessment of Strategic Plan
Reviewing of Data Compiled
Completing Pending Project Details
Drafting Strategic Direction For Approval
Annual Conference Engages Membership In Strategic Evaluation and Ongoing Vision
Alliance Gathers For Lay Ecclesial Ministry Certification
Standards and Certification Committee Initiatives To Increase Candidates for Lay Ecclesial Ministry Certification