Are you New to Adult Faith Formation?  A Seasoned Veteran looking for fresh ideas?

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Watch this exciting and informative webinar on the Faith Formation for the Generations and Seasons of Adulthood. 

Catechesis is most successful when adults can relate the practice of the faith to their everyday lives.  In this webinar John Roberto, shared keys ideas and strategies for making your adult faith formation sessions more relevant to the specific needs of your audience.

A link to this webinar can be found on the NCCL-Adult Faith Formation Blog.  Join the on-going discussion with catechetical leaders from around the country as we strive to enhance the practice of adult faith formation today!  


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4 Comments on “Are you New to Adult Faith Formation?  A Seasoned Veteran looking for fresh ideas?”

  1. Was there any one idea in particular that struck you that you would like to try?

    I would really like to explore the idea of “flipping Christian Initiation”–using the many reliable on-line platforms that are now available as a means to share content with candidates and catechumens to view on their own. This would enable us to then spend more time in group discussion when we meet face to face.

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    On-going conversations around the importance of adult faith formation is vital to the evangelization efforts of our Church. This webinar contained many practical suggestions for enhancing adult faith formation efforts in our parishes and communities. Please watch or re-watch this webinar and share with us something that you learned!

  3. John mentioned that “adult faith formation needs to be digitally-enabled.” How have you been able to do that? What’s working? What’s the response from parishioners?

  4. John talked about responding to the four generations/seasons of adult faith formation (and we’ll be continuing to look at them in our forth-coming four articles and four webinars). How have you provided an opportunity which was particularly planned for the needs/interests of one of the generations?

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