At-Large Board Elections 2017

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The Representative Council is commissioned to vote for the At Large Board Member positions two times during their three year term. The 2017 elections have three At-Large Board Member positions open.   The Leadership Discernment Committee has worked with nominations for these positions, and the following people have discerned a willingness and desire to serve.

Read a message from each candidate: At Large Board Election 2017 Letters. The letters are ordered alphabetically.

To express your opinion to your Representative Council member, you can fill out this survey for their consideration: 2017 Rep Council Survey: At Large Board Elections

Name of Discerned Candidate:

Terrie Baldwin

Ministerial Role/Membership Category:


Diocesan Director/ Professional Member




Maria Covarrubias Diocesan Director/ Professional  Member San Bernardino
Lorraine DeLuca Diocesan Director/ Professional Member Beaumont
Richard Drabik Individual Academic/ Professional Member Cincinnati
Peter Ductram Diocesan Director/ Professional Member Miami
Barbara Eretto Individual Parish Catechetical Leader/ Professional Member St. Augustine
Jim Gontis Diocesan Director/ Professional Member Harrisburg
Dione Grillo Diocesan Staff/ Professional Member Los Angeles
Jackie Hopper Diocesan Director/ Professional Member Boise
Tom Quinlan Diocesan Director/ Professional Member Joliet
Wendy Scherbart Diocesan Director/ Professional Member San Jose
Paulette Smith Diocesan Staff/ Professional Member Los Angeles
Julianne Stanz Diocesan Director/ Professional Member Green Bay