Annual Appeal Launched

Margaret MatijasevicFeatured, News

The NCCL Representative Council met in Dallas, TX, at the end of October. Rooted in the historical narrative of NCCL, the visioning and advisory platform of NCCL’s Rep Council, discussed changing realities in the catechetical landscape, affecting representation illustrated on the assessment map. (Pictured above. )

Through creative presentations and Spirit-driven prayer experiences, the various council members unpacked various themes including:

Mutuality of Mentoring for incoming and long-standing catechetical leaders.
Advocacy for NCCL membership on the local province level.
Potential growth in the definition of categories of NCCL membership.
Encouragement of new leadership through a commitment to authentic discernment.
Effective steps to achieve dialogue internally and externally.
The new Department of Labor regulations and the diverse interpretation in dioceses across the nation, affecting the vocation of professional catechetical leadership.
Creating procedures for effective partnerships.
Enhanced stewardship of current members through the implementation of the strategic plan, through the work of committees; and the enhanced mission-driven purpose of the forums.

All of these themes uncovered the need to populate the Representative Council fully, and thus launched our Annual Appeal to directly respond to financial difficulties of various provinces to secure representation into the future. The 2016 Annual Appeal goal is $6000, which would double our current reserves for the Rep Council. These monies would assure a robust and diverse representation of the catechetical landscape by offering scholarships and support to new representatives.
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