Summer Board Meeting Highlights

Margaret MatijasevicFeatured, News


  • The Board dedicated time to learn more about Policy Governance according to the Carver Model. The ENDS Policies were reviewed in detail.
  • The Board drafted and finalized the Strategic Plan which directs many of the projects that the organization works on throughout a two year span. The Strategic Plan was created after receiving input from various committees and groups.
  • Treasurer, Jayne Mondoy presented an overview of the Budget; January through May. The Treasurer reported that NCCL is meeting forecast revenues and expenses so the budget is in good shape. Jayne congratulated Executive Director, Margaret Matijasevic for her financial management skills and good stewardship.
  • The Board reviewed the 2016 NCCL Conference evaluations, and discussed ways we can build on the positive feedback for the 2017 NCCL Conference in Dallas, Texas.
  • The Board discussed and drafted the Representative Council Meeting Agenda for October. The meeting will take place in Dallas, Texas.