Learn More About “Transformative Leadership” at #NCCL2017

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The National Conference for Catechetical Leadership is excited to announce our 2017 theme: Transformative Leadership. As catechetical leaders, we are commissioned by our baptismal call to transform the world with the Gospel, as we attend to the realities of suffering, violence, and uncertainty that is weighing heavy on the hearts of humanity.

Providing a professional conference on the theme Transformative Leadership encourages catechetical leaders to unpack layers of transformation in their vocational calling.

Monday, May 22 – Contemplation – Personal Transformation
Tuesday, May 23 – Imagination – Prophetic Communal Transformation
Wednesday, May 24 – Vision – Articulating a Catechetical Future
Thursday, May 25 – Missionary – Leadership for the World

Starting Monday, Contemplation will serve as the foundation of Personal Transformation, appreciating the movement of God throughout our lives while attending to its veracities, leading each individual to nurture the formation of the conscience.

On Tuesday, the attendees will experience a look at the possibilities of transforming a group, using Imagination as the essential factor to engage others in change. A Prophetic Communal Transformation happens when actively engaging in the imaginative process of possibility.

Wednesday, participants will widen their scope, focusing on Vision: Articulating a Catechetical Future. Launching the day will be a glimpse at the national landscape the membership represents, and determining the direction that moves catechesis into relevance for tomorrow. Concluding with a panel of speakers demonstrating a multicultural approach for the future Church, this day is bound to bring a transformative catechetical leadership.

To conclude, our Thursday will send all attending into Mission: Leadership for the World. The Gospel is not meant to be contained within ourselves, our ministry, or our professional network, but is meant to transform the world through missionary outreach. Catechesis cannot be contained or confined, but must ripple out, and draw in the whole of the world.